As one of mankind’s oldest weapons, there is something about the atlatl that just feels right. Whether on the river, in the woods or even in your own backyard, throwing with an atlatl can be fun and rewarding for all ages.

With over 200 black and white pictures, Darts on Target shows you how to build your own atlatl using PVC pipe and other materials common to our modern world.

With a unique blend of properties, PVC plumbing pipe offers both the experienced and novice atlatlist the opportunity to build solid and dependable atlatls without previous experience. PVC atlatls can be built quickly and can be easily adjusted and tuned to fit you and your throwing style.

– Build four different styles of atlatl ranging from simple to complex and learn how to customize each one to fit you.

– Learn how to shape and form PVC pipe with heat to create a variety of extra features. Also learn how to taper pipes with heat to create very flexible and forgiving atlatls.

– Make your own atlatl darts including solid darts and ones that can be broken down for storage and travel, as well as your own simple homemade target points!