Archery is a great sport and many understand the benefits of taking a bow while camping, hiking or traveling. Yet if you need to travel by bus, foot, plane or bike, it can be very difficult to carry a full-sized bow and set of arrows with you.

PVC plumbing pipe, while an unlikely bow material, allows for compact and effective take down bows to be made. With just a few simple techniques, a simple pipe can be transformed into a powerful and compact traditional bow that can easily fit in a pack or bag.

Take-Down Archery will show you how to build your own bows, put together take down arrows, make strings and other essential tools for your own portable archery kit.

Take-Down Bows :
Form PVC pipe into effective archery bows that break down to a compact size. These bows can be made to fit easily in a bag or pack, making them great for camping, hiking, travel or just transport without worrying about a large bow.

Take-Down Arrows :
Convert commercial arrows into break-down versions that fit right alongside a take-down bow. Also build a jig for putting feathers and vanes on your own arrows at home or in the field.

Bow Strings :
Build the jigs and tools to help make your own durable and efficient bow strings. Learn to make an endless loop bow string, a basic but efficient and precise string for any traditional bow.

Release Aid :
Make a simple release aid that saves your fingers and increases accuracy with shorter bows.

Arrow Rest :
Shoot both feathers and plastic vanes with a simple flip style arrow rest.